The integrity of your above ground storage tank is critical to ensuring that the risk of contamination, leakage, and pollution are mitigated and that state and federal laws are met. Contamination may lead to drastic changes in climate, illnesses to humans and animals alike, among other severe consequences. 

Today, we will take a closer look at the importance of inspecting your above ground storage tank. 

Why is it Important to Inspect Your Ground Storage Tank?

#1. You Can Identify Potential Tank Issues Before They Become a Problem

Storage tank inspection and testing help maintenance staff identify potential tank issues that need to be addressed immediately. If you discover a potential hazard, it should never be ignored. Because storage tanks can fail due to internal complications, it is vital to inspect your tank for potential issues regularly, whether or not there is an externally visible issue. For STI tanks, we recommend you perform a pressure leak test

#2. You Can Minimize Environmental Impact

Ground storage tanks are one of the largest sources of groundwater contamination, so paying attention to your tanks can help minimize your environmental impact. By regularly inspecting and testing your ground storage tanks, you’ll be able to identify any leaks or malfunctions before they happen and fix them before any damages occur.

#3. You Can Determine Whether Improvements Are Needed

Suppose you regularly inspect and test your above ground storage tanks. In that case, you may be able to determine whether improvements are needed on-site to improve efficiency or fix any potential problems that may arise. Inspecting API and STI is a must, so make sure you’re doing it. 

#4. You Can Control Service Life

Poorly maintained tanks can impact the longevity of your storage tanks and services available on your property. By regularly inspecting and testing your above ground storage tanks, you can help ensure that they will last for many years and access to all on-site services will remain uninterrupted.

#5. You Can Keep Storage Tanks Safe

Regularly inspecting and testing your storage tanks helps keep them safe from hazards that can create a potential danger to people on your property, be they employees, clients, or visitors. By doing so, you reduce the likelihood of a leakage, combustion, or other hazards that could cause significant damage or injury.

#6. You Can Reduce the Cost of Service

By regularly inspecting and testing your ground storage tanks, you can help ensure that your storage tanks are always in proper working order and ready to provide services when needed, rather than waiting for a catastrophic failure to contaminate your stored materials, halt production, or redirect storage. Keeping up with routine maintenance tasks, you can save yourself money by not replacing or repairing your ground storage tank due to preventable damage in the future.

#7. You Can Maximize Storage Productivity

Inspecting and maintaining your storage tanks helps to improve their production and increase the value of your property. By thoroughly examining and testing all of your ground storage tanks, you can provide customers with a safe and reliable service that makes the most of your storage space.

#8. You Can Maintain a Positive Reputation

Having a positive reputation for client satisfaction is essential. Regularly inspecting and testing your ground storage tank can help you maintain a positive reputation with clients by ensuring that your tanks are functioning properly and ready to provide requested services as promised. Customers look to you for a reliable experience, and you can ensure that they receive it by ensuring your tanks are up to code and regularly inspected.

#9. You Can Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

By regularly inspecting and testing your ground storage tanks, you can help avoid the need to repair or replace them in the future. If you catch problems early, you can save time and money by preventing further repairs at a later date so that you do not have to cut back on services or damaged equipment due to a lack of funds.

How Can NDT Tanknicians Serve You?

NDT plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of employees and consumers in nearly every form of industry, and this is where NDT Tanknicians come in. Based outside of Kansas City, MO, and with locations nationwide (Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Chicago, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, to name a few), we understand the importance of accurate and reliable testing in keeping your employees safe and your business running smoothly. 


We specialize in inspections and the industrial cleaning and painting of above-ground storage tanks used in various industries such as food and dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, and more. 
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