Born and headquartered just South of Overland Park, Kansas, NDT TANKNICIANS has become a nationwide AST service provider. Our mission is to be as Effective, Efficient and Reliable as we possibly can, a quest that is specific to each client and that we are always striving to complete. Whether you’re a client seeking services or a professional looking for a career, working with us is always a streamlined process. We understand that a job done is nothing if not done well; to reflect this belief, we go above and beyond to meet and surpass expectations. We all find comfort in quality.

Our vision of the future focuses on maintaining a strong infrastructure that values transformational leadership, adaptability and a positive work culture. We reinforce these values at every turn, as we know they will provide steady growth to our grip on the industry, as well as, a superior ability to provide for our own personnel. We aim to accomplish this through continuing to invest in advancements in technology, training, and the importance of communication among our “Tanknicians” and our clientele. We believe that these service staples will continue to bring business to our front door, just as it did in our humble beginnings.